Caught stealing and spanked really hard by rich lady

This is a very  real and very  hard spanking movie released by that  is fully mobile ! Ms. Evans is a very wealthy lady, but sometimes even those ladies commit silly crimes like theft, this time thou she will get punished in a way she would of never dreamed of.

She was given the option to either get arrested or get a hard spanking. She got spanked on her expensive skirt first while being bent  over this ladies knees, then on her pantyhose and then her pantyhose came off and she got spanked on her panties.

When her panties where about to get pulled down she put up a little fight but at the end her panties where pulled down exposing her nice juicy ass and the hard spanking continued. In addition to the hard over the knee spanking she got, she was also bent over the desk and given even harder spanks on her nice round bubble blonde bottom. Her ass was very red and she certainly learned her lesson never to either get  caught or steal from anyone again.

Red ass after a hard spanking

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